Beginner Step 1 June 13 7:15pm

Summer Steps 2019 7:15pm
This is the Beginner Step 1 class beginning June 13 2019 at 7:15pm Danehy Park.  Orientation will be online, bring your dog!  Class is 45 minutes!
Number of Classes:
6 classes (to be used within 8 weeks)
10 classes (to be used within 13 weeks): + $65.00
Name of dog/puppy:
breed or mix:
dog's date of birth:
dog's gender:
female male
Is your dog spayed/neutered?:
yes no
Where did you get your dog? (shelter, breeder, rescue group, etc.):
How long have you had your dog?:
Name of handler if other than yourself, and age if less than 18.  Underage handlers must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.:
Is this your first time training a dog?:
yes no
If not, where/when?:
Is your dog an only pet?:
yes no
If not, what other pets does your dog live with?:
Where does your dog spend the day (crated, loose in house, confined to one room, etc.)?:
where does your dog sleep?:
How does your dog react to meeting new people? Adults?:
How does your dog react to meeting new dogs?:
Do you consider your dog aggressive?:
yes no
If yes, please describe the behavior:
Are there any particular issues you would like to address with this training?:
How does your dog react to sudden or surprising noises or movements, i.e., joggers, bicyclists, trucks, motorcycles?:
How did you hear about the club (NEDTC)?:
Print the names of people in your household who will be attending classes at the armory to indicate that you understand and agree to the NEDTC Waiver & Hold Harmless agreement (required to attend classes or NEDTC events)  Click to review agreement.:

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