Killion Seminar Registration non-member

Killion Seminar Registration - NON-Member
This is registration for the Jane Killion seminar held November 5 & 6 2011.  You may sign up for one working session, and audit as many as you'd like.  It is required that everyone working a dog at least audit session one, Fundamentals, and highly recommended that every participant at least audit the fundamentals course.
Working Session (select one):
Session One - Fundamentals: + $80.00
Session Two - Learn to Love Rally and Obedience: + $80.00
Session Three - Agility Handling Fundamentals: + $80.00
Session Four - Issues in Rally and Obedience: + $80.00
Audit all sessions : (+ $150.00)
Audit Session 1: (+ $40.00)
Audit Session 2: (+ $40.00)
Audit Session 3: (+ $40.00)
Audit Session 4: (+ $40.00)
Both: + $20.00
Saturday Lunch: + $10.00
Sunday Lunch: + $10.00
Name of handler if other than yourself, and age if less than 18.  Underage handlers must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.:
Name of dog/puppy:
breed or mix:
Are there any particular issues you would like to address with this training?:
Select if you would like to be notified of extra available working spots prior to the seminar: