Step 5 is our introduction to competition class!  Linda Holway our excellent obedience instructor will teach you how to have great fun with your dog while covering the intricacies of the Competition ring!
This class is taught in a 6-week cycle with breaks for CGC and run-through nights
8:30 PM
Please purchase a class card under Current Students to participate in this class!
Tools for this class include bringing a six foot lead(light weight) and a retrieve toy. Clickers will be supplied by trainers or bring your own!
Topics Covered:
Attention!  (look or watch used a emergency word can be very effective) and clicker training,
retrieve (must bring a toy or something for the dog to retrieve)
heeling and automatic sits,
figure eights 
hand signals
down on recall at a distance
All Beginner Novice exercises and Rally basics will be covered!