Thursday Nights (free orientation without your dog 1 week before the start of class)

dogs 8-20 weeks old that have completed the vaccinations appropriate to their age.

$175 for 6 classes or $240 for 10 classes (to be completed in 8 or 13 weeks, respectively... no paying for classes you miss!  Unused Puppy K classes can be used for subsequent Steps.  Puppies will spend 6 weeks in Puppy K.)


Get your new four-legged family member off to a good start! Covers socialization and beginning foundational skills for the well-mannered puppy, and the basics of dog training for the puppy owner!  Material includes Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Attention Games, Loose-Leash Walking, Puppy Behavior, Good Manners, Self Control and Safety Issues. Bring your questions! 

NEDTC also offers the AKC S.T.A.R Puppy Certificate program as part of our Puppy K!

Our puppy class is designed to fit seamlessly into our NEDTC Steps obedience program.  You and your puppy will learn to train successfully in a positive way, while building your communication skills and good habits! Your 6 or 10 - week training package will allow you to master the puppy steps and move into beginner at the appropriate age and level of mastery, with the help of our instructors evaluation. 

In Puppy K, we will be focusing on the following steps --

Eye contact for 2 seconds, handler smiling!
Sit 3 times using hand and/or verbal signal, no lure; 
Down 3 times using hand and/or verbal signal, no lure  
Pass the Puppy Sit/Down with lure
Respond to name from 5 feet 
Body Handling
Pass the Puppy Body Handling
Calling out of play after 30 seconds
Surface/tunnel games
Back up and Focus with food/toy distractor
Let's get Dressed Up game
Recall from 1/2 length of room (or more)
Loose Leash Walking for 10-20 feet.
Take It/Leave It
Retrieve different objects
These exercises may be performed with continuous rewards.

Classes are held Thursdays at Crate Escape,30 Brighton St, Belmont, MA 02478

Required equipment, vaccinations, and club policies will be discussed at Orientation, but for a preview please see our Class Rules

We look forward to meeting you and your new puppy!

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