The New England Dog Training Club has a collection of dog training books on both behavior and obedience to share with members.  Members may borrow books by sending an email request to and picking up their book at the club.

Books Available


NEDTC Library List (updated 1/10/10)


*APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers) Recommended


Training and Behavior


Arnold, Terri "Steppin' Up to Success- Books 1, 2 and 3" 1999


Bailey, Gwen "The Perfect Puppy" 1995 *


Bauman, Diane “Beyond Basic Dog Training” 1986


Benjamin, Carol Lea “Second Hand Dog- How to Turn Yours into a First Rate Pet” 1988

                        "Surviving Your Dog's Adolescence, A Positive Training Program" 1993


Burnham, Patricia Gail “Playtraining Your Dog” 1980


Clothier, Suzanne "Understanding and Teaching Self Control" 1996

                        "Body Posture and Emotions" 1996


Coren, Stanley "The Intelligence of Dogs" 1994


Dunbar, Ian “Dog Behavior- Why Dogs Do What They Do” 1979

                        “Dr. Dunbar’s Good Little Dog Book” 1992 *

                        “Behavior Booklets (9)-  “Housetraining”, “Housetraining Supplement”, “Chewing”, “Socialization”,                                     “Digging”, “Fearfulness”, “Barking”, “Preventing Aggression”, “Fighting” 1985


Evans, Job Michael “The Evans Guide for Civilized City Canines” 1988


Fisher, John “Dogwise- the Natural Way to Train Your Dog” 1992


Fraser, Jacqueline and Ammen, Amy “Dual Ring Dog- Successful Training for Both Conformation and Obedience Competition” 1991


Haggerty, Arthur and Benjamin, Carol Lea Benjamin “Dog Tricks” 1978


Hodgson, Sarah "Puppies for Dummies"


Johnson, Nancy E. “Everyday Dog- Training Your Dog to be the Companion You Want” 1990


Kalstone, Shirlee “How to Housetrain Your Dog in 7 Days” 1985


Kilcommons, Brian "Good Owners, Great Dogs" 1999


Koehler, William “The Koehler Method of Dog Training” 1962


McConnell, Patricia “The Other End of the Leash” 2002 *

                        "Beginning Family Dog Training" 2003

                        "Puppy Primer" 2005

                        "The Cautious Canine" 2005 *

                        "Feeling Outnumbered?" 2001 *

                        "Feisty Fido" 2003 *

                        "Way to Go!" 2003 *

                        "How to be the Leader of the Pack" 2002 *

                        "I'll be Home Soon!" 2000 *

                        "The Fastidious Feline" 1998

                        DVD's listed below


McDevitt, Leslie "Control Unleashed" 2007 (also have DVD)


McLennan, Bardi "Dogs and Kids" 1993


Miller, Pat "The Power of Positive Dog Training" 2001 *


Moore, Arden "The Dog Behavior Answer Book" 2006


Morgan, Lonnie "Flyball, A Dog Sport for Everyone" 1990


Morsell, Curt “Training Your Dog to Win Obedience Titles” 1976


Pryor, Karen “Don’t Shoot the Dog” 1984 *

                        "A Dog and A Dolphin" 1996


Rutherford, Clarice "How to Raise a Puppy You can Live With" 1999


Saunders, Blanche “The Complete Novice Obedience Course” 1958


Saunders, Blanche “The Complete Open Obedience Course” 1961


Scott, John Paul and Fuller, John L. “Genetics and the Social Behavior of the Dog” 1965


Seranne, Anne “All About Small Dogs in the Big City” 1975


Smith, Marsha "Building a Bridge from Training to Testing" 2005


Spector, Morgan “Clicker Training for Obedience” 1999


Spooner, Fred “Home Obedience Training” 1947


Tossutti, Hans “Companion Dog Training” 1942. Started the precursor of NEDTC, has picture of first NEDTC class.


Tracking Club of Massachusetts “Tracking!- A Practical Guide for TD and TDX” 2003


Volhard, Jack and Wendy “The Canine Good Citizen: Every Dog Can Be One” 1997


Volhard, Joachim and Fisher, Gail Tamases “Training Your Dog- the Step by Step Method” 1983


Woodhouse, Barbara “Dog Training My Way” 1972


Dogs: General Interest, Fiction, Essay Collections


AKC, assorted publications


Baker, Stephen “Games Dogs Play” 1979


Breen, John, ed. “Who’s Who of Dogs- Extaordinary Lives of Ordinary Dogs”


Brucker, Jeff and Betty "Preparation and Presentation of the Show Dog" 1982


Caras, Roger A. “Going for the Blue” 2001


Coile, Caroline "The Dog Breed Bible" 2007


Combe, Iris “Herding Dogs- Their Origins and Development in Britain” 1987


Conant, Susan "Dead and Doggone" 1990


Dye, Dan "Amazing Gracie" 2000


Elliott, Rachel Page “Dogsteps” 1983


Fisher, Betty and Delzio, Suzanne “Caninestein” 1997


Grossman, Dr. Alvin "The Great American Dog Show Game"


Herriot, James “All Creatures Great and Small” 1972

                        “All Things Bright and Beautiful” 1974

                        “All Things Wise and Wonderful” 1977

                        “The Lord God Made Them All” 1981

                        “Dog Stories” 1986


Jenkins, Peter “Close Friends” 1989


Levin, Betty “Away to Me, Moss” 1994


Lyon, McDowell “The Dog in Action” 1970


Margolis, Matthew and Siegal, Mordecai “Woof!”


Masson, Jeffrey "Dogs Never Lie About Love" 1997


Mayle, Peter “A Dog’s Life” 1995


McCaig, Donald “Eminent Dogs, Dangerous Men” 1991


Needles, Colleen and Carlson, Kit “Working Dogs” 2000


Riddle, Maxwell “Your Show Dog- Judging, Grooming, Training” 1968


Rosen, Michael "Kids' Best Field Guide to Neighborhood Dogs" 1993


Schroeder, Eileen “Going to the Dogs” 1980


Smith, Scott "The Soul of your Pet" 2003


Stern, Jane and Michael “Dog Eat Dog”


Stone, Ben and Pearl "Dog Grooming for All Breeds" 1981


Unkelback, Kurt “Love on a Leash” 1964

                        “The Winning of Westminster” 1966


“Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul” 1998




AKC "Presentations from 2007 Philadelphia Breeders' Symposium"


McConnell, Patricia "Dog-dog Aggression" 2003

                        "Both Ends of the Leash" 2003

                        "Lassie, Come!" 2005 *

                        "Feeling Outnumbered?" 2005

                        "Reading Between the Lines" 2004

                        "Advanced Canine Behavior Seminar" 2001

                        "Dogs Have Owners, But Cats Have Staff!" 2003


McDevitt, Leslie "Control Unleashed" 2007 *


VHS tapes


Nelson, Leslie "The Power of Positive Training- Basic Pet Obedience Class Instruction" 1996


Turner, Ted "The Power of Positive Training - "The ABC's of Behavior Shaping and the Fundamentals of Training" 1996


Turner, Ted, Nelson, Leslie and Ruzzo, Patty- " The Power of Positive Training- Practical Answers" 1996 


Audiobooks (cassette)


Gonzalez, Philip and Fleischer, Leonore “The Dog who Rescues Cats”


Ruzzo, Patty "Positively Ringwise"