Little Red Dog finishes OTCh in very big way
Twister and I went to the Obedience Trials in Syracuse the first weekend in January needing a single point to finish his Obedience Trial Champion title. On Saturday we won Open B with a 199 and tied for First in Utility B with a 197.5. Because the classes were large, we came away with the single point we needed, 20 more, and a new title. He was also High in Trial, High Combined, and won a huge rosette offered by the club for anyone finishing an OTCh at their Trials. Not bad for a little red (OTCh.) dog !
Susan 01/09
Jimmy's TD
Little red dog's big red younger brother gets his AKC TD Today at the Tracking Club of Maine, Jimmy, Topbrass Too Much Fun, earned his AKC TD on his very first try. In spite of a small detour to look for some "deer kibble"(a name only a tracking person could invent), and dragging me through a swamp, his overall track was excellent. There were some difficult scenting problems for him to solve, gullies and hills, and turns in hard places. I couldn't be more pleased with his drive and focus. Not bad for a big red dog.
Susan 10/08

Addie's FDCh

Film at Eleven:
Addie earned her FDCh in this tournament. I don't actually have any footage of Addie in action, because I was too busy boxloading for her team when she was running. But for those of you who have never seen flyball this might give you an idea of what it's like.
-Dave Strauss 10/08

Little red dog gets TDX
On September 28 Twister earned his AKC TDX at the Concord Dog Training Club test. Although the hurricane which was predicted to graze the coast spared us its strongest winds and rain, the day of the test still had periods of heavy precipitation interspersed with very small flashes of sun. The track I had drawn and started turned out to have a problem, and the Judges offered me the spare.  Since Twister had a long time to cool down from his efforts, I accepted. I walked him, gave him water, and put him in my van to rest. Hours later the Judges returned, sadly none of the other dogs had passed. The drive to my start seemed to take forever. Finally we were there and I took Twister out to stretch and see where he was. We approached the flag, he dropped at it and I picked up the article to give him the scent. We started. His first leg was a bit tentative, and I wondered if I had asked too much of him. Then we came to the first corner and we were off. He pulled into his harness and never lifted his nose. The maps showed that he was spot on. We went through fields and heavy brush, across a road and eventually through woods, over a stone wall, and into another field. He completed his 855 yard track in 12 minutes to earn his TDX. Good boy!
-Susan 10/08

Ziggy's Rally title
Hi guys, a little brag about Ziggy today. He got his APDT Rally level 1 title today. So now he can put RL1 after his name when he signs important papers. He also won a large stuffed pig which he seems a bit intimidated by. It was a really fun trial up at Monadnock Humane Society near Keene,  NH. There was even a 'celebrity' judge, one of the contestants
on "Greatest American Dog", if you watched it, the lady with the Maltese. All in all, a good day in spite of the rain. Save room for cake on Thursday!

Buddy finishes Championship
My young male, Buddy (Shadow's Serengeti) finished his championship at the South Shore Kennel Club show on theCape this morning.  He is now Champion Shadow's Serengeti.  Buddy is 19 months old and he is either the 49th or 50th champion for his sire, Ch. Shadow's Nairobi, SOM (Sire of Merit) and the first champion for his mother, Maggie (Brush Hill Margarita of Shadow--who was sired by my Spike (Shadow's Dacquari, CGC, RN.  :- ))
Liz Sullivan

Scout wins Novice B!

The cosmic forces were in effect and the stars aligned so that the "ageless wonder"  11 year old golden Scout (UCD Drew Woods Scout Kendra CD RAE CGC TDI ASCA-CD)  won Novice B at the Yankee Golden Retriever Specialty on May 30th!   What a special day for her and I am so thrilled that she is healthy, happy, and doing so well.
~Susan & Scout

Leo earned his CD
Deep End's Leonardo da Vizsla earned his CD at NEDTC's own trial in Amherst! It was wonderful to be surrounded by people and dogs we know and love. Sincere thanks to all the great folks at NEDTC who took us from puppy kindergarten (you rock, Donna!) to the world of competition. Special thanks to Nancy for her encouragement, and for guiding us to the small and friendly Collie Club specialty trials (where Leo got two blue ribbons). Humungous thanks to Susan Latham, who generously shares everything she has learned with us and has never gotten tired of repeating herself many times for my benefit. And, many cookies to the dogs whose loud, manic behavior during the long sits at each of his trials helped Leo stay upright.
Carole, 3/08

Scout - RAE and is Retired (Really!)

After taking almost a year off, Scout felt so much better that I "un-retired" her and she finished her RAE in grand style at the age of 11. She got her 8th RAE leg at the Collie Club of Maine all-breed rally trial on 2/29/08, her 9th RAE leg at the Collie Club of NH trial on 3/14/08 with 3rd places in both Rally Adv B and Rally Exc B, and her title leg at the Charles River DTC trial in Franklin 3/16/2008. We started our RAE quest in 2006 and I never thought she'd finish because she had surgery in the fall of 2006 and even after taking 6 months off, she wasn't taking the jumps. I finally learned to listen to my dog, and Scout was telling me last spring that she wasn't feeling well, and needed a (very) long break from training and trialing. She came back better than ever and I am so proud of her! With no pressure or expectations placed on her, I had so much fun showing her in the rally ring. She's now officially known as "UCD Drew Woods Scout Kendra CD RAE CGC TDI ASCA-CD."
Susan Crum 3/08

Greta's CD
Greta Garbo got her first leg in Novice A in November. We entered three more trials and now she has her CD. She placed 3rd in one trial. I think she’s coming to actually enjoy competition. It’s been a long time coming. Some may remember the dog whose first run-through at the club looked like a game of statue-not even a sit, much less heeling or a recall. But that’s in the past. Now on to Open! We couldn’t have done it without all the help we received from everyone at the club. A special thanks to Susan Latham, who never gave up on us.
Fran Waksler, 3/08

Twister's UDX

Twister and I got busy this fall doing some showing after taking much of the summer off. To earn a UDX title you have to qualify in both Open and Utility at 10 shows. We did that, getting a "leg" in 10 out of 12 trials. I think our high point was winning Open B at the Bullmastiff trial on November 3rd with a 199.5. Placing in most of the classes, we also picked up more OTCH points for a total of 57. Not bad for a little red dog! Now we have a couple of months before local trials start up again, and are glad for a bit of a rest.
Susan, 11/07

Chloe's Rally Novice Title
Our bright and zippy Aussie earned her Rally Novice title this past weekend in Franklin, MA! Her first leg was earned on September 16th with a score of 82. The second leg was earned on October 8th with a score of 95. Her third leg & title was earned on November 4th with a score of 84. She is now: Creslane's Valentine Surprise, CGC, RN.
Heather-Jean and Chloe will continue their Rally training under the amazing direction of the INCREDIBLE Nancy Thompspon. We could not have done this without you! Thank you for giving me the courage to step into the ring with a dog that truly loves what we do every week in your class.
On to Rally Advanced!
Don & Heather-Jean, 11/05/07

Basie's CDX!
I'm thrilled to let you know that Basie finally got his CDX! It only took some 10 shows but he and I learned a lot throughout the process and we were both a lot better by the end than we were at the start. Because so few dogs qualify in Open A, he got first place once and 2nd place twice with respectable though certainly not stellar scores. We had a lot of fun at these shows even though we didn't qualify at most of them. They are sort of like going to the circus although the handlers are often more entertaining than the dogs. Susan helped us so much, from improving my footwork to giving hints on when to arrive at a show and what to do before entering the ring. We couldn't have done it without her.
Best, Monica 10/07

Rinnie's Rally Novice Title
Big news!!! Rinnie got her Rally Novice title!! Her first leg was March 4th, with a score of 100 and a 3rd. place.
Her second leg was August 4th., and her 3rd. leg and title was August 16th.!! What a dog!!!
PTTP's, Joanie 8/07

Open Jumpers

I am happy to report that Blaze earned his Open Jumpers title (with 2 qualifying runs and a 1st and 2nd place) and his Novice FAST title this weekend at the Collie Club's fabulous agility trial out in Granby. :-)
Laura, 7/07

Golden Retriever Specialty

In all my years of showing, I have never been to the specialty of any of the breeds of dogs I've had. So, June 1 this year Twister and I went to the Yankee Golden Retriever Specialty in Wrentham. Since the classes were small, they were all early and avoided the mid day heat. Twister rose to the occasion winning both open B with a 198.5 and utility B with a 197. That was good enough for High Combined and High in Trial. 3 more OTCH point we picked up in Topsfield (second place utility B) in mid June brings us up to 40 OTCH points total. The little red dog and I are taking most of the summer off to enjoy our new family member, little red dog 2, also known as Topbrass Too Much Fun (Jimmy).
Susan, 7/07

Chip gets his TDI!

We just returned from Taunton where Chip passed his TDI test with flying colors. I wanted to thank you for getting him started right in puppy kindergarten and for doing his CGC test. He had to do all of those exercises over again, plus show that he could deal with a boy who flailed his crutches around and a lady in a wheelchair. No problem! Thanks again! Loulie and Chip, 5/07

Twister's Busy Weekend

Now that Twister has a Utility title, we are working on his OTCH and UDX. Our first time out we showed at the Shrewsbury DTC trial on March 11, earning our first 5 OTCH points with a second place in UB (196). This weekend we attended the Bullmastiff Trials where Saturday May 5 we won Open B(197.5) and took 3rd in UB(195), for 12 more points. Sunday we won OB(199) and won UB(197) for 18 more points. We also won High in Trial and High Combined. We also now have 2 UDX legs. Not bad for a little red dog. Susan, 5/07

Cedar and Joel:

On Sunday, Penny Shultz, Hawthorn, Cedar and Joel Wolff headed down to Rhode Island for a rally obedience trial. Hawthorn officially completed his Rally Advanced title (see TheTeam.jpg). He and Penny did this with 2 perfect scores and 3 placements. He is now: Mythago's Green Hawthorn CDX, RA, JH, CGC, WC, CC, ThD However, the big news is that Cedar (just turned 1) and Joel Wolff completed their first official obedience title (Rally Novice) AND earned third place with a very nice score (98/100) (See MyFirstPlacement.jpg). Not bad, considering there was something REALLY interesting on one of the mats as they were doing the course. Joel couldn't get Cedar's nose off of the floor, and had to pass the location THREE times (it was a spiral). Penny said he did a really good job "covering" for Cedar’s distraction (Joel slowed down just enough not to tighten up on the leash, but not enough to lose points). So, Cedar is now officially: Beau Geste Solomon's Red Cedar RN, CGC. Joel and Cedar are going to take a little break from obedience competition and focus on field work for the summer, but don't worry, come Fall, they will be back. Penny and Joel, 4/07

Scout is Retired!

Trooper got a bumper Novice B leg at the Schnectady Dog Training Club trial in NY on 1/21/2007. Good boy, Trooper! At the same trial, Scout got her 6th RAE leg. Scout got her 7th and final RAE leg at the all-breed Collie Club of ME trial on 3/2/2007. After a series of unsuccessful attempts to double Q in Rally Advanced B and Excellent B in March and April, Scout is now retired at the ripe old age of 10. She's now be a couch potato and do the doggie equivalent of shuffleboard, have pina coladas on the sundeck, and monitor her stock portfolio. Scout didn't start competitive obedience class until she was six, but during her short two year obedience/rally career she finished almost seven titles and I am so proud of her! Scout is my "Novice A" dog and put up with all my inept handler errors and training mistakes. She taught me a lot about dog training and what an amazing, fun journey we had along the way going on those road trips. She's officially "UCD Drew Woods Scout Kendra CD RE 7/10 RAE CGC TDI ASCA-CD." (Susan C.)

Nancy writes:

On Feb 9th, 10th and 11th, Lexi and I were at three collie club trials in CT, competing in Rally Advanced and Open. She completed her RA title with three first place finishes which was great fun. She also got her first Open leg with a score of 191 1/2. It was quite a weekend! 3/07

Twister's UD and Susan's 50th!

On March 3rd, one day after his 5th birthday, Twister completed his AKC UD. He did it in his usual happy style, and in three straight trials. Not bad for a little red dog.
On a personal note,Twister's UD was my 50th Obedience/tracking title earned on Cairn Terriers, Rottweilers and Golden Retrievers. Susan, 3/07

Joanie writes:

Well, Rinnie made her debut last Sunday at the Lab. Rally trial. She got 100 and 3rd place! Most important she behaved herself!!! PTTP's 3/07

Bessie at Nashua

Bessie got two legs on her UKC UD at the UKC trials in Nashua, N. H., one on Saturday Nov. 4th with a 3rd. place and one on Sunday the 5th with a 4th. place. That's my dog!!!!!!!! Joanie 11/06

Joel Writes:

Dixie and I finished her Rally Excellent title at the Bay Colony Cluster this weekend. Second place on Friday and Third Place on Saturday. We are officially retiring her from anything involving jumping (her back legs are having problems), but you should see her at training class on occasion. Dixie, who is almost 11, is now Mythago's Rebel Yell CDX, RE, CGC, ThDX 12/06

Trooper Gets his CD and RE!
Trooper, my golden, finished his CD today at the Holyoke KC in West Springfield in Novice B! He managed not to wiggle too much for the Stand for Exam, we lost a few points for that and no front, but he held the stays (difficult for him as he does have ADD) and he got it together for a very respectable 188. What a good boy! Earlier in Nov., his second leg was at the Charles River trial in Franklin. He finished his Rally Excellent at the Obedience Training Club of R.I. by placing 2nd in Rally Exc. A. It's been quite a ride with ten titles in a less than 18 mos., culminating in back-to-back AKC CD REs on both Scout and Trooper -- whew! And take it from me, training your second dog is a lot easier than your first! ~Susan C. 11/06

Twister's Adventures in Utility
On Saturday November 18 Twister and I showed in Utility for the very first time at the Charles River Trial in Franklin. He was happy and comfortable in the ring, which was exactly what I had hoped for. Judge Susan King placed us second in a very competitive class with a 198.5. I lost 1/2 point by doing a lousy pivot in the Directed Retrieve, and Twister had "happy feet" on the moving stand. Most important was that we were a team, and that we had a good time together.
The second day of the trial I entered only Open, again the Judge was Susan King. We tied for First with a 199 and won the run-off which put us in a 3 way tie for High in Trial. The heeling pattern for HIT was longer and more complicated than in the regular classes, and I am proud to say that Twister was cruising and won the run-off for his very first AKC High in Trial. Not bad for a little red dog.
We showed in Springfield on the 24th for Twister's second Utility leg under Judge Linda Scanlon. Crating space was at a premium, and the venue was loud and packed with dogs and handlers. The matting was a little slippery which is very hard for Twister since he is used to the local training centers which all have great footing. Once again, Twister held it all together until Directed Jumping which was the last exercise. He was going pretty fast on the go out and slid as he was turning to sit. The bar, on the left, was first. He cleared the jump, slid a little and came flying in not stopping to sit in front, but jumped up put his feet on my shoulders as if to say "Did you see that!!!". His second jump was fine and we qualified for our second leg with a 191.
I must say I am delighted with Twister's attitude in the ring and am looking forward to the Spring shows. Susan 11/06

Thorn gets his CDX
Hi Everyone, Just a short note to let you all know that Thorn and I got our
CDX (Companion Dog Excellent) title over the weekend. Saturday we ran into
a bit of trouble with the retrieve over the high jump exercise (he got
distracted, had a brain fart, and neglected to come back over the jump).
So, we ended up receiving a non-qualifying score that day (although I
must say that I was very pleased with the rest of his performance). However, on
Sunday it all came together (see attached pictures - especially the one
where he's coming back over the high jump)! We ended up earning
our title in style with a first place and a very nice score: 197/200.
So, at 3 years old, my baby is now officially:
Mythago's Green Hawthorn, CDX, JH, RN, CGC, CC, WC, ThD
Thanks to everyone who kept me sane and breathing regularly over
the weekend! Despite having a terrific dog, I find showing to be
extremely stressful, so your kind words and support were really
appreciated! -Penny and Mr. Thorn, CDX! 11/06

Joel Wolff gets Lolllipop Memorial Trophy

Each year the Pets and People Foundation ( grants custody of the Lolllipop Memorial Trophy to one of our volunteers whose efforts exemplify the ideals and principles of the Pets & People Foundation, a therapy dog organization. Last night at our annual dinner, this trophy was awarded to Joel Wolff. Joel has been doing therapy dog visits for the past 11 years and has completed over 220 visits to Youville Hospital & Rehabilitation Center ( in Cambridge, MA. Originally he did these visits with his Golden Retriever, Rowan, CD Therapy Dog Excellent (Th.D.X), but more recently, has continued to do these visits with his Flat-Coated Retriever Dixie, CDX, RA, Th.D.X. Joel started his therapy work through the Somerville-Cambridge Elder Services before their pet volunteer program was merged with the Pets & People Foundation. He has further aided the Pets & People Foundation by setting up and tearing down equipment for various events, manning the organization’s information booth at the Boston Bayside Cluster dog shows for many years, and repeatedly joining their contingent to volunteer at Boston’s Christmas in the City (, a holiday extravaganza for the homeless children of Boston. To add to his list of accomplishments, this year Joel has agreed to organize the group from Pets and People that will be volunteering at this event. 10/27/06

Ebony gets Rally level 1
Hi guys, I just wanted to share with you that Ebony got her Rally level 1 (APDT) title today (similar to Rally Novice). She did awesome, I'm so proud of her! -Diane 10/06

Brags from the Shultz/Wolff household

The Shultz/Wolff household had a very busy obedience weekend and we have some major brags.

Penny Shultz and Hawthorn were entered in Open A during the Merrimack Valley Kennel Club’s two days of trials at American Canine Country in Amherst, MA. Saturday, October 21st they won first place with a 196.5 and on Sunday, October 22nd they also won first place with a 196. Needless to say Penny was very happy with their performance, and already has the new blue ribbons hanging on Hawthorn’s crate. She got lots of compliments on how good they worked as a team, and how much fun they seemed to be having in the ring (not easy in Open A). They have one more leg to go for their CDX title, which will hopefully be at the Charles River trial in November.

At the same trial Joel Wolff and Dixie got two qualifying scores in Rally Excellent B. On Saturday they took third place. They have one more leg to go for their RE title, which will probably be at Bayside in December.

Finally, Joel Wolff and Cedar (6 months old) earned a Canine Good Citizen award at Charles River Dog Training Club’s CGC test on Monday, October 23rd. This is the beginning of Cedar’s obedience career. As a reward for being a good boy, Cedar got to roughhouse with his littermate Annie, who also earned a CGC that evening. Joel Wolff 10/06

Twister's CDX
Susan writes: Twister and I went to Vermont in mid July to go for our third leg in open. The shows in Essex Junction have always been among my favorites, great places to stay, the show site is excellent and the judges are usually good. It's also an easy drive through very pretty country. I'm very pleased to say that not only did Twister complete his title, but he was just delighted to be out showing again. On July 14 at the Woodstock Dog Club we placed 3rd in open B with a 198 under John Landis. Not only was Twister the only dog in the class without a CDX, most of the dogs had UDs, UDXs or OTCHs. Not bad for a little red dog. Susan Latham, 7/06
UCDX Sunfire Save The Last Dance CDX TD, Canadian CD TD

Joanie and the Super Sisters
To bring you up to date on the super sisters, first of all I got a letter from the German Shepherd Dog Club of America and they wrote that Bessie was GSD # 14 in Open last year. Boy, that was a thrill!!!
On July 2nd Bessie got her 9th RAE leg and Gretta got her 8th RAE leg.
On July 7th Bessie got her 10th leg and RAE title. Gretta got her 9th leg.
On July 9th Bessie got an RAE bumper leg and her 13th UDX leg and Gretta got her 10th and RAE title.
We won't be showing for a while, just to hot for the girls, but this sure has been a ride!!!!!!!! 7/06

Trooper gets his RA!

Trooper finished his Rally Advanced title with a 97 and 2nd place, Yankee Golden Retriever Specialty (Wrentham) on 6/2, first leg and 3rd place, Casco Bay (Bath, ME) on 4/15, and second leg and 1st place, Windham County (Woodstock, CT) on 5/14. Just so that I don't get a swelled head, Trooper gave me a reality check and the audience comic relief by becoming thoroughly distracted by the fascinating smells inside and outside the rally ring at the Framingham District KC show on 6/4 in Wrentham. Raging testosterone got the better of him and he executed a perfect jump over the ring gate in Rally Advanced as did the border collie before him. Guess he doesn't have a "jumping problem" any more -- maybe agility is next? Trooper is officially "Nautilus Trooper Frolic 1/3 CD RA CGC" 6/06

Scout is on her RAE quest!

Scout picked up her 1st RAE leg at the Collie Club of ME on 3/3, 2nd RAE leg at the Windham County trial in Woodstock, CT on 5/14, her 3rd RAE leg at the YGRC trial on 6/2, and her 4th RAE leg at the Framingham District KC in Wrentham on 6/4. I am getting better on my rally sign reading! Scout is always so consistent and a such a good girl, I am very proud of her. Four down, six more legs to go! 6/06 Bessie and Gretta
Joanie writes: Wanted to let you know about what they were up to this weekend in Topsfield. On Friday at North Shore both Bessie and Gretta got an RAE leg and Bessie got another UDX leg. On Sunday at Middlesex County they both got another RAE leg. Boy is this fun!!!!!!!!!!!!! 6/19.06

The Super Sisters, perfect 10's!!

To bring you up to date on the 'big girls' who, by the way turned 10 years old on June 1st. (find that hard to believe)!! Gretta has got 3 more RAE legs, one on May 14th at Windham County (with a 3rd place in Ex. B), one on June 3rd at Ladies and the third on June 4th at Framingham. This brings her up to 5 RAE legs so far. What a good girl, she tries so hard to please me. Bessie has got 4 more RAE legs, one on May 14th at Windham County (with a 2nd place in Ex. B), one on May 21st at Vacationland (Gretta would have to but I blew one of her runs), one on June 3rd at Ladies (with a 3rd place in Ex. B) and one on June 4th at Framingham (with a 2nd place in Advanced B and a 4th place in Ex. B). This brings her up to 6 RAE legs so far. Bessie also was in Open and Utility at Vacationland and got her 11th UDX leg with a 3rd place in Open and a 1st place in Utility and also got High Combined!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have my feet hit the ground yet, you ask? Heck no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PTTP's, Joanie 6/4/06

Can you say BESSIE UDX!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let me start at the beginning last weekend at the South County Kennel Club Bessie got her 9th UDX leg. This past Saturday at the York County Kennel Club she got her first RAE leg in Rally on Saturday and placed 3rd in the excellent run. On Sunday at York she got her 2nd RAE leg and passed both Open and Utility for her UDX title!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe it!! This meant a lot to me and we had a lot of really nice people helping and routing for us. Not to be out done, Gretta got her first and second RAE leg at the same show. They are such good dogs!!!!!!!! 5/06

One more to go!
...Sunday we started out 45 minutes earlier and got there in plenty of time. Bess did a good job in utility and I kept my wits about me in open, hence, UDX leg #9!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow, still can't believe we've got this far! What a rush!!!!!!!!!! Joanie, 4/06 Joanie and Bess get Number 8!!
Just to let you know Bessie got a UDX leg at the Springfield show yesterday. What a day!!!!!!!!! What a dog!!!!!!!!!! (4/06)

Joanie and Bessie are on a roll!
Joanie writes: Hi , Just to let you know Bess got UDX leg #7 at Casco Bay on Saturday. She also got a trophy for highest scoring German Shepherd in trial!!!! Trust me her score wasn't that great, there weren't that many German Shepherd Dogs in the show (-:!! Boy, this is fun!!!!!!! PTTP's, Joanie (4/06) Bess and Joanie get a Canadian OTCH!
Joanie writes: Bess and I just got back from Canada where we went to try for the 3rd and final leg for her Canadian UD, she got two last year. Well Saturday morning, first show she did it, got her Canadian UD (or as they call it Canadian OTCH!!!!!!!)!!!!!! Second show she passed also, great, a bumper leg! Sunday morning first show she passed again, and the second show Sunday she passed and got a second place!!!!!!! Four out of four shows she passed utility!! So now my question is, is she Canadian OTCH 2 (-;!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe it!! Now she is UD to the 2nd power (AKC and Canada)!!!!!!!!! (4/06)

Bessie does it again!
Joanie writes: Want to let you know Bessie got her first ASCA utility leg last week at the ASCA trial in Taunton. Had my doubts but we did it!!! (PS Forgot to tell you she placed first! Of course there were only two in the class so... ) (3/06)

Nancy and Lexi get their RN!

I am excited to share the news that Lexi got her Rally Novice title today (3/19/06). The middle leg was a first place finish with a score of 100 which was a real thrill. I greatly appreciate e-mail and in-person help from Joel Wolff and thank Chris, Doreen and Heather for setting up Rally practice courses for us every single week. You guys are awesome! And so is my dog..... (3/06)

The Super Sisters!

Joanie says: I don't know if I mentioned that Bessie got her Rally Ex.legs and RE title last summer. At the Merrimack Valley K. C. in New Hampshire on Oct 23rd. she got her 6th. UDX leg. Gretta got her first RE leg last summer and second Rally Ex. leg on Oct 22nd at the M.V.K.C. and on the 23rd she got her 3rd. leg and RE title. PTTP's, Joanie (1/06)

Blaze gets his CD!

On Saturday Nov. 19 at the CRDTC obedience trial Blaze earned his CD with a 1st place score of 195 1/2 in Novice A. Thanks to all of you at NEDTC who have supported us from that very first puppy class. On to Open! Laura and Gefion's Blazing Sun Tribune, CD, NA, NAJ (Blaze) (11/21/05)

Scout gets her UCD!

It took a few more months than planned, but Scout completed her UKC CD at the Riverside Canine Center in Nashua on 11/5, thus completing her sixth and final title this year! Whew -- what a good trouper she is, putting up with all those early morning long car rides and waiting around at dog shows! First leg was on 3/5 at Riveride and second leg on 6/25 at the Marshland trial in York, ME. Trooper will have a hard act to follow in 2006, but I'm not sure if I have the stamina. Scout's official name is now "UCD Drew Woods Scout Kendra CD RE CGC TDI ASCA-CD." On to Open and hopefully, Utility!

Nurse Betty!
Betty earned her Rally Novice title last weekend. She will now retire to a life of non-sitting tricks, Beginner class orientations, soft couches and animal planet, as is befitting a dog of her breeding. She is PHSR Betty Beast of Treats, CGC, ThD, RN. I'm very proud of her! Marjie - 10/26/05

And Joel writes:

Asha and Hawthorn complete Rally Novice titles. Dixie has two legs. Just to show you that old dogs CAN learn new tricks, Joel and Asha (12 year old Black Labrador) finished their Rally Novice title. Meanwhile, Joel and Dixie (9.5 year old Flat-Coated Retriever) completed two legs toward their Rally Novice title and got fourth place on Sunday. 10/26/05

Penny & Mr. Thorne!

At the (very soggy) National Lab Specialty, Thorn took 2 first places (rally and grad novice) and a second (Novice B) in the obedience competitions. He did a really nice job despite not being particularly fond of the weather conditions (it rained all week). He also got his confirmation certificate (so, it's official: He's a Lab!) and earned a bumper "wing" on the Junior Hunter title we completed in June.
Last weekend at the MVDTC shows, Thorn and I qualified both days (winning second place on Saturday) and completed our Rally Novice title. So, now I guess we need to roll up our sleeves and get to work on those Open exercises. - 10/26/05

Scout gets her CD!

I am pleased to announce that my golden Scout finished her AKC CD at the Penobscot Valley KC in Brewer, ME on 10/15 despite her mom stressing her out. All her qualifying legs were placements at the Saccarappa Obedience Club trial in Portland on 9/24 (2nd), and the Central Mass. German Shepherd Dog Club in Spencer, MA on 10/8 (1st). She was such a good girl to hold her long sit and down in the torrential rain and mud at the GSD show! Scout also picked up two bumper legs in Rally Excellent A at the Penobscot show, so we had a great weekend. To celebrate, I bought a lobster roll and she had her first taste of lobster, but I hope she doesn't get any ideas that lobster is one of the four basic doggie food groups! I am so proud of my 8-1/2 year old who has finished five titles in as many months! Now on to Open! -Susan 10/19/05

Blaze Does It Again!
Blaze swam his way to his Novice Agility Jumpers title today out in Westfield. It was brutal!!! And, frankly, I thought he completely missed an early jump but the judge must have been blinking, or maybe the mud (and believe me, it was ankle deep)clouded my own eyesight--anyway, thank god there is not "instant replay". Thanks to you all for the help and support!!! Laura and Blaze 10/8/05

Lisa and Dana get their CDX!

On August 20th in Fitchburg, Dana got 2nd place and her CDX. All because Lisa promised her she'd never have to jump 26" again! Cake will follow soon! Blaze gets his NA!

Blaze NA!
Laura writes: I've been busy with agility trials and agility training so haven't been able to make it back to Thursday class yet but am expecting to be there towards the end of the month. Which brings me to the brag--Blaze got his Novice Agility (NA) yesterday. Hooray! We're hoping to get his Novice Jumpers (NAJ) title before the year is out too. 9/05

Scout and Trooper
Susan Crum writes: Scout has been a very busy girl this summer. She finished her ASCA-CD in three straight shows, all her rally titles (RN, RA, and RE) and picked up her second U-CD leg. She did very well, winning five blue ribbons in rally. We've travelled to ME, NY, CT and MA (sometimes more than once), and I must say she is an excellent traveller, very adaptable. Trooper finished his RN with a first and a third place, and I hope to enter him in Rally Advanced and Novice once he gets over his "jumping issues" and his "long down" issues. 9/05

Basie and Monica get their CD!
Monica Halpern writes: I have a brag. Basie completed his C.D. Hooray! This was last Thursday at one of the many West Springfield/Eastern Exposition shows (noisy!) under a terrific judge (the dalmatian lady Elaine ?). She was kind enough to let Basie pass although he put on a classic poodle performance, acting the crazy fool. But whenever I stopped, he came to a lovely heel position and remained on my left side, more or less, throughout, so she passed him. Basie has become ringwise too fast so needs a few match shows to learn that you can't do whatever you want in the ring (when Mom doesn't seem to say anything!). 8/05