Welcome to the New England Dog Training Club!!

NEDTC is an obedience club dedicated to teaching people all aspects of dog training, and promoting responsible dog ownership. We welcome owners of mixed-breed, purebred, as well as non-registered dogs into all of our classes. We believe that positive, basic obedience training builds a relationship with your dog that allows clear communication and trust, and each of our classes works toward the goal of establishing and building that relationship in a fun and rewarding way.
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But - No water at the armory
we apologize for the inconvenience
please check after 3pm 
Extreme Heat or Dangerous Conditions or the National Guard will Cancel Class

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Classes are Thursday nights, held at the Cambridge Armory

Questions?  email info@nedtc.org (preferred)

or call: 617-868-1713 (but really you want to email)

Fall Registration

Welcome Back To Fall Classes!
Class Sessions Begin September 3, 2015 with a dog-free open house and first aid class!
Meet NEDTC members and find out what we're interested in!
Meet with your trainers!  We will be highlighting trainer businesses and things they do outside of NEDTC!
Open House begins at 6:30
Orientation for NEW students at 6:30
Pet First Aid Seminar 7:30 (FREE) please RSVP by following this link: 
Open House continues until 9pm

September 10 first class with your dog 
PuppyK 6:30 (registration required) 
Step 1: (Registration Required)
Step 2: 7:30 and 8:30
Step 3: 6:30
Step 4: 8:30
Step 5: 8:30
Our classes cover basic obedience, good manners, responsible citizenship, attention and communication, beginning with puppy kindergarten. We welcome adult dogs with little or distant obedience experience to start our beginner classes, and we offer many levels of obedience, including advanced tricks and Open and Utility competition obedience for dog/handler teams at any level. As a club, we work together to encourage ourselves and our dogs to try new things, challenge ourselves, and be creative learning new skills, whether that be remaining calm in the presence of squirrels, or carrying a dumbbell over a jump, or making the perfect pot of coffee.
We'd love to see you and your dog on Thursday nights!

You may ALWAYS contact us for questions concerning class placement and content at -info@nedtc.org-